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Professionalism, promptness, and tenacity are our guiding principles. We believe in being open and honest with our clients, from the initial evaluation to signing up to the final day of pursuing the application. The immigration procedure entails more than merely gathering papers from customers and filing applications. It is something that is combined with strategy, understanding, and application of appropriate law with the correct presentation of one’s case, even if it means conversing back and forth with immigration agents.

The Firm

We are a multicultural legal company with offices in Mississauga, Canada, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are a team of three Canadian Immigration lawyers with the total legal expertise of more than twenty years. We understand the growing interest in Canadian, European, and Caribbean immigration among skilled professionals, business owners, and high net worth individuals because these countries not only provide safety, security, and quality healthcare but also a wonderful environment in which to raise a family.

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We are not your average immigration law firm. We seek to modernise our profession and create new methods to improve the experiences of clients who may be seated anywhere around the globe. We are essentially present all over the world and are no longer limited to serving individuals in a single country. All that is required for someone to contact us is an internet connection and a willingness to immigrate via ACE.


We assist you & your business move to Canada. Together, we navigate through the complex immigration process with right paperwork & by fulfilling all regulatory & legal compliances.


Travel freely & manage your wealth in a smarter way by acquiring citizenship of countries that offer residence or citizenship by investment.


We provide Judicial Reviews which allows the immigrants to consult the federal Courts of the Country to know about their immigration decisions as per the Canadian Immigration policies


Our expertise is in the LMIA exempt programs. Be it Intra Company Transferee Program or C11 work permit, any employee who desires to enter Canada on a work permit can get in touch with our team.

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As Canadian attorneys, we help startups (startup visa program), technology firms, top managers and employers, self-employed professionals, and high net worth people migrate to Canada. We are proud to announce that we have extensive experience with LMIA-Exempt work permits, LMIA-based work permits, and permanent residence programs for company owners and professionals.


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As an Immigration Law Firm in Mississauga, we strive to provide exceptional solutions that are client-centered and focused on our clients’ improved living needs.

After strengthening our foundation in Canada, we have recently established branches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan.