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All you need to know about Family sponsorship in Canada

Last Updated: November 11, 2021

All the immigration programs offered by the Canadian government like the Intra-Company Transfer Program, The Startup Visa Program, etc. have a single thing in common, which is you can sponsor your spouse and/or your immediate family to come to Canada  with you.


Also, specific programs like The Family Class Sponsorship Program & Parents & Grandparents Program (which opens once a year) have been designed to help Canadian permanent residents/individuals legally working in Canada to invite their families to live with them. By allowing adult permanent residents or citizens to sponsor a relative for immigration to Canada, the Family Class Sponsorship Program reunites families.


If you’re sponsoring your spouse/common-law partner to come to Canada, he/she can gain an open work permit and work freely under any organisation of their choice.


When you agree to be a sponsor, you must sign an agreement committing to provide financial assistance for your spouses’ basic requirements as well as the requirement of the dependent child/children which includes housing, clothing & food.


You can sponsor your spouse/common-law partner for $1,050, or a child for $150. The processing time can vary from 11-12 months. The fees & processing time can differ depending on the individual case.


If you’re sponsoring your Parents/Grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada through the Parents & Grandparents Program, you will need to submit an application online showing your interest. If your application is chosen, two more applications need to be submitted including the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application. If both are approved, your parents/grandparents can become permanent residents of Canada.


All those who have been sponsored can make use of the entire range of benefits are associated with becoming a permanent resident, such as the opportunity to work in Canada, receive premium healthcare, and eventually gain the right to become Canadian citizens.


It is always better to hire Legal Immigration Consultants to assist you in preparing & processing your application. As a lawyer can help you avoid several pitfalls which may help with your successful application for residency.

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