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The impact of Canadian elections on the Indians who aspire to immigrate​

Last Updated: September 27, 2021

Immigration in Canada - Shireen

The fight to come into power between the Liberals and the Conservatives finally ended on September 20,2021 when Justin Trudeau held onto the country’s leadership for a third time in the 44 th Parliamentary election. He had hoped for a majority win, which didn’t happen, nevertheless, by him retaining his position, he has made Canadians as well as Indians happy.


Justin Trudeau’s party has always supported immigrants and has constructed rules, regulations and laws reflecting that. They believe that people immigrating to Canada bring a positive change and the cultural growth that they bring along is what Canada actually needs. And not only cultural benefits, people immigrating also create jobs and provide monetary benefits to the country.


The 2021 elections can continue to contribute to a positive change in the field on immigration. As we know, many Indians have migrated to Canada to seek better job opportunities and improved lifestyles for themselves and their families. As of today, the Indo-Canadian community is one the fastest growing communities in Canada. With 17 Indo-Canadian MPs winning places in the federal elections and coming back into power, from the Liberal Party . This has given renewed hope for Indian’s looking to make the move to Canada.


Now that the liberals have come into power, they are soon going to make public new immigration policies and schemes. Canada, like so many countries, has suffered because of the pandemic as people were not immigrating, that’s why the Liberals have promised that they are going to make the process easier and quicker for those who want to make Canada their new home. They also mentioned that they understand how Covid 19 has impacted families who were away from each other during this difficult time, hence, they will introduce electronic application for family reunification programs. This is going to benefit the Indian community, the ones who have travelled to Canada to look for better opportunities and a new life.


The Canadian Government finally lifted the ban that was imposed on direct passenger flights from India to Canada on September 27, 2021. All passengers travelling will have to carry a Covid 19 Negative PCR test. This change in policy is a welcome relief to those wishing to return to Canada and those starting their immigration journey.



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