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Answers To Your Questions From Webinar

  • What about people above 55 years old?

    Yes, there are programs in which you can qualify. For that we would need
    to assess your profile. You can also book a paid consultation with our

  • What about people like me who never ran or owned business?

    There are programs for everyone. From a seasoned business person to
    highly placed managers to someone who intends to start a business in
    Canada. Book a consultation with our lawyers to know more.

  • How do we move our existing business to Canada ?

    There is an immigration program for that. We can help you relocate your
    business to Canada by helping you open a subsidiary, branch office or
    affiliate. Your skills can be transferred to your Canadian business.

  • Do we still get bank loans even after 50yrs old? Business loans or Home loans or Vehicle loans

    You can gain access to various lending facilities once you have status in

  • Do we have to get our PR to be eligible for loans or even on a work visa we do get loans?

    Yes, yet the lenders will require additional security (collateral), a
    co-signee maybe required and your own personal investment will
    certainly need be more than a permanent resident or a citizen. For
    further information please contact us.

  • Can we buy a business in Canada while being there on a visit visa and apply for the visa conversion without leaving Canada?

    Yes, you can and your visa status can change at port of entry. Kindly
    contact us for further information.

  • I have hotel and restaurant businesses in India with revenue of 150 k Canadian dollar. Will this revenue and 5 years of experience be enough for me to get business work permit? I am sole proprietor.

    There are various programs in which you may qualify, depending upon
    a thorough review of your profile & your immigration goal. We at Ace
    will be more than happy to assist you further. Please contact us for
    further information.

  • How much is the minimum investment?

    There are some programs that require investment and some programs,
    which do not. It completely depends upon a candidate’s profile.
    Please contact us for further information.

  • What is the time frame from start up to getting the PR ?

    From work permits (4-6 months) to getting PR the journey may vary from
    one to two years after actively running your business and complying
    with the conditions of the work permit.

  • If I am a government employee in India, how can I immigrate by buying a business?

    Everything is possible. Kindly contact us to book a consultation with
    our legal team to understand the process.

  • After getting the PR - can I sell the business ? and still maintain the PR or it's conditional PR that ends by selling the business ?

    Work permits are conditional, PR is not. You can do whatever you want
    to do with your business after you become a permanent resident.

  • I am looking to open a small business in Canada?

    Yes. Our business & legal consultants can certainly help you with that
    and look after your immigration plans too.

  • How many of your applicants have been rejected or encountered failure? What is your success rate? Give us some examples of the kind of cases that did not go through successfully?

    Kindly see some of the success stories on our website and social media
    platforms. It is unlikely that if your profile is assessed, the file well prepared,
    that you will be rejected. The advantage of working with lawyers is that
    they can take your case till the highest court in Canada if application is

  • How much fee you take to help us start the file ? Prepare the business plan up to getting the PR ? A percentage ? Or fixed fee ?

    Our fee completely varies from program to program. We don’t follow a
    percentage method. It’s a fixed fee payable at various milestones that
    are achieved on your file.

  • Or investing in a start up run by a business incubator. Can you help me connect with people who have had a successful immigration by investing in a startup?

    We have a lot of clients who have or are in the process of migrating
    based on their successful startups getting support from designated
    organizations in Canada. Please feel free to get in touch with our team
    to understand the program in more detail.

  • What about being a partner or buying shares in an already running business ? Does it give you the eligibility to apply for C11 or other program ?

    Buying a significant stake or becoming a partner can certainly help you
    secure a work permit to Canada. Certain things like which business; the
    value and your investment and most importantly how the file is prepared
    will also help with the approval.

  • Which business is more booming? Is it service sector or product sector?

    The Service sector.

  • Can you assist more about buying a franchisee in Canada to get a PR?

    We work with a number of emerging brand franchisers. These are ideal
    opportunities for an investor with a preference for startup opportunity.

  • What is for customer's guarantee in case of failure or any other problem faced during immigration?

    Our work is our guarantee. Fully qualified Lawyers will be working on your
    file. If there is a decision that is not in your favor, we will re-apply, go for
    judicial review or appeal that decision.

  • Business immigration requires IELTS, &Ecs?

    Business immigration most of the time requires IELTS. Bear in mind that
    even if you secure a work permit without IELTS, you will still need it when
    you apply for permanent residency.

  • Should I show the bank balance before applying for immigration?

    Yes! Bank balance is required to prove that you will contribute
    significantly to Canadian economy & labor market in business migration.

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