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The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program was started by the Government of Montenegro in order to attract foreign direct investment to help boost the economy. The program requires applicants to make a specific economic investment to the Montenegrin community through a development project, and a capital contribution to a fund designated by the government for the development of underdeveloped areas. Deposition of the investment is followed by a thorough background check, before applicants and their families receive their passport.


Minimum Investment: EUR 350,000

Traveling rights to Europe’s Schengen Area, Russia, Turkey, and the UK. With domestic health and security benefits.

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Located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe with its magnificent and unparalleled natural beauty, Montenegro represents the perfect balance between the natural and the modern world. Having a robust economy, the Country is ready to become a key destination for investors seeking mobility, security and a quality life style. Podgorica is Montenegro's official capital, but Cetinje, the country's ancient capital and older city, is its cultural heart.


– Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 124 Countries.

– Quality education and healthcare facilities.

– Citizenship in an official EU candidate country.

– Multilingual European community.

– Political stability, ideal environment for business.

– Full Citizenship with family.

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