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Launched in 2012, the Portugal golden visa scheme is one of the most popular ones among the non-EU nationals to obtain a residence permit through property investment or business activities. Since the introduction of the scheme, it has received a heavy investment and the government is persistently restructuring its policies to land more willing residents in future.


Minimum Investment: EUR 250,000

Rights to live, work and study in Europe.

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It has a recognised reputation for being one of the most peaceful Countries of the World. The Country is globalized with quality aspects of life and an attractive topography, having stunning beaches and idyllic countryside. Portugal has a great reputation as one of the world's most developed and peaceful countries, with a good standard of living and a high Human Development Index score. It is one of Europe's oldest countries, with a rich history, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous countryside.


– Visa- free travel.

– Profitable real estate investment.

– Very minimal residency requirements.

– No interviews, No language tests.

– No taxes unless you live 183 days in Portugal.

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