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A light investment in a local development fund of Vanuatu could initiate your Citizenship by investment program in this English-speaking Island. The program started in 2017 and as of now, it is the lone CBI program in the region and provides an easy solution for citizenship for both single and families. The first step toward becoming a Vanuatu citizen is to decide on a second and dual citizenship. It is vital that you work directly with a Vanuatu DSP Representative, such as Vanuatu Investment Citizenship (VIC), and fill out the Official Application Form without paying the primary application fee in advance.


Minimum Investment: USD 130,000

Traveling rights to Europe’s Schengen Area, UK, Turkey, and many more in addition to domestic health and security benefits.

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The island of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific, renowned as a diving destination with multiple reefs and wrecks for the diving enthusiasts. The Citizenship by Investment program Vanuatu offers immediate citizenship for an entire family in a country that imposes no tax on income, wealth, or inheritance. Typically, once documents have been submitted, you’re looking at about a month for approval, making this one of the quickest paths to economic citizenship in the world.


– Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 130 Countries.

– Quality education and healthcare facilities.

– No income tax.

– No language barrier.

– No minimum stay limit.

– Easy route for family Citizenship.

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