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Sunidhi Ahuja

Social Media Coordinator

About Sunidhi Ahuja

Sunidhi graduated from Amity University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Mass communication. She works as a Social Media Consultant with us. She is a highly dedicated professional who looks after our social media handles & engages in conversation with the people approaching us online. She also drafts content for our company. She writes in such a way that whosoever consumes our content follows whatever is penned irrespective of their understanding of the English language. She believes in making it simple. “We are a law firm, we do possess technical jargons that only we understand, we should be able to explain the most complex of information in an uncomplicated manner to common people for their own betterment, also so that they can approach us without having any doubts or hesitation,” she says.

She has previously worked in the field of client servicing & manages to interact with people well & is known for her friendly & approachable persona.

She is currently pursuing her master’s in Journalism in India itself.

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